Ensuring Excellence in Every Seed

At Circle Seed, our commitment to quality control is foundational to our operations. We understand that the cornerstone of successful agricultural outcomes lies in the integrity and reliability of our seeds. Here’s an overview of our rigorous quality control process:

Stringent Testing Protocols
Germination Testing: Each seed batch undergoes tests to ensure high germination rates and uniform growth. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped to simulate various environmental conditions to test seed viability under different scenarios.
Purity Analysis: We conduct thorough seed purity analyses to ensure that each seed lot meets our stringent purity standards. This includes eliminating weed seeds and other undesirable materials.

Genetic Integrity
DNA Profiling: Advanced genetic testing confirms the genetic integrity and stability of our seed lines. This ensures that our seeds perform as expected regarding yield, quality, and disease resistance.

Environmental Monitoring
Field Inspections: We conduct regular field inspections throughout the growing season to monitor crop health and identify issues early on. This allows us to maintain the highest seed quality and plant health standards.
Post-Harvest Analysis: After harvest, seeds undergo additional testing to ensure they meet our quality standards regarding size, weight, and appearance.

Compliance and Certifications
Regulatory Compliance: We adhere strictly to national and international regulatory standards, ensuring that all our seeds are certified and compliant with industry regulations.
Continuous Improvement: Our quality control processes are regularly reviewed and updated based on the latest agricultural research and technological advancements.

Our Commitment

Circle Seed is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards in the seed industry. Our rigorous quality control measures ensure farmers and agricultural professionals receive only the best products to deliver superior agrarian results.