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Based in Bowankandi, Etavara, Keraniganj Model 1313, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Circle Seed stands at the forefront of the agricultural revoution. As a pivotal player in producing, supplying, importing, and selling high_quality agricultural seed, We are committed to enhancing agraring practices slobally. Our expertise spans various crops, including essential oilseeds like soybeans and sunflowers and high_demand cereals and vegetables for food security and sustainable agriculture. Our operations are supported by rigorous research and development initiatives focusing on hybrid and genetically modified seeds tailored to reduce farming costs and improve yields. These seeds are designed to be resilient, requiring fewer agrochemical treatments and offering a higher yield—a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability (Expert Market Research) (Zion Market Research).




Our Commitment to the Community and Environment

Circle Seed has a robust global presence, with activities spanning multiple countries. We leverage cutting-edge agricultural technologies, including molecular breeding and advanced seed treatment techniques, to develop seeds with improved germination rates, disease resistance, and crop yields. Our approach not only supports local farming communities but also addresses the global challenges of food security and environmental sustainability (Global Industry Reports) (IMARC)

 We prioritize eco-friendly farming practices that conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable land use. Our seeds are designed to thrive in diverse climatic conditions, supporting farmers in Bangladesh and beyond to achieve optimal productivity while maintaining ecological balance (Mordor Intel).

By integrating traditional agricultural wisdom with modern scientific research, we offer a product portfolio that includes high-performance seeds for both the commercial market and traditional farming practices. Our commitment extends beyond sales, as we aim to empower farmers through education and access to quality seeds, ensuring that every seed we sell supports a greener, more sustainable future.

At Circle Seed, we are more than just a seed company. We are a partner in global agricultural advancement, dedicated to providing solutions that foster growth, innovation, and resilience in farming communities worldwide.

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