Our Leaders

Mrs. Fatima Akter

Account/Finance Manager

On Financial Stewardship: “Financial health is fundamental to our ability to innovateand grow. By managing our resources wisely, we ensure that Circle Seed can continue to invest in new technologies and expand into new markets without compromising our nethical standards or financial stability.”

MD Rokib Uddin

IT Service Lead

On Technological Advancements: “Technology is a crucial enabler in modern agriculture. At Circle Seed, we integrate the latest digital solutions to ensure our
operations are eLicient, and our data-driven insights help farmers make informed
decisions. Our commitment to technology is a commitment to the future of agriculture.”

MD Shahin Miah

Executive Officer in Business Development

On Strategic Partnerships: “Building strong partnerships is key to our business development strategy. These collaborations allow us to leverage collective strengths,
facilitating business growth and innovation that can tackle the pressing issues of foodsecurity and sustainability.”

MD Shohag

Sales Manager

On Customer Engagement: “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. By understanding their needs and delivering high-quality products, we strengthen the trust
and reliability that Circle Seed is known for. We aim to empower farmers with the tools they need to succeed.”

MD Nazim Uddin

Quality Controller

On Upholding Quality Standards: “At Circle Seed, quality is not just a benchmark—it’s a commitment to our customers and the future of agriculture. Every seed we produce
goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that it meets our standards and the expectations of the farmers who depend on us. Our relentless pursuit of quality drives innovation and trust in our products.”

MD Pavel Ahmed

Logistics Control Manager

On Ensuring Supply Chain Efficiency: “The backbone of Circle Seed’s promise to deliver is our robust logistics network. We continuously optimise our supply chain to ensure that our high-quality seeds reach every corner of the world eLiciently and ontime. Our commitment to logistics excellence is critical for maintaining our customers’
trust in us.”