On-Farm Trials at Circle SeedAt Circle Seed, our on-farm trials are a cornerstone of our research and developmenteLorts. These trials are conducted across various locations globally, including extensivenetworks in Bangladesh and an international presence in Malaysia. Here’s an overviewof our on-farm trials and their objectives:

Locations of On-Farm Trials:
Bangladesh: Dhaka, Tangail, Maherpur, Kushtia, Comilla, Brahmanbaria, Barisal,
International: Malaysia.

Objectives of On-Farm Trials:

Varietal Performance Assessment:

To evaluate the performance of different seed varieties under local climatic and soil conditions. This helps us identify which varieties perform best in specific environments, ensuring farmers receive the most suitable seeds.
Agronomic Practices Optimization:
The goal is to test different farming techniques and their impact on crop yield and health. This includes testing soil amendments, irrigation methods, and crop rotation strategies.
Pest and Disease Management:
To observe the resilience of different varieties to local pests and diseases. This research is vital for developing resistant strains that reduce the need for chemical interventions.
Impact on Local Biodiversity:
To study how different crops affect local flora and fauna. This helps in promoting biodiversity-friendly farming practices.
Socio-economic Impact Studies:
To assess the economic impact on local farming communities. These studies help determine how new seeds can improve farmers’ income and quality of life.


Field Setup: Trials are set up in real farming conditions, and our team of agronomists closely monitors them.
Data Collection: Data on growth rates, yield, pest resistance, and crop health are collected regularly. Farmer Involvement: Local farmers are involved in these trials to provide practical insights and to help them understand how to use these seeds effectively.
Benefits: Tailored Seed Solutions: The results from these trials help us effectively tailor our seed offerings to meet specific regional needs.
Informed Decision-Making: Data gathered from these trials feed into our research and development processes, guiding future seed development.

Community Engagement: Engaging with local farming communities promotes knowledge exchange and fosters community trust in our products. Circle Seed’s on-farm trials are essential in bridging the gap between laboratory
research and real-world agricultural practices. They ensure that the benefits of our study are tangible and directly applicable to our customers’ needs.

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